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Sania Mirza Latest News
Sania and Shoaib, already married news is breaking UP
In breaking news as reported from section of media in India, Sania Mirza and former Pakistan cricked caption Shoaib Malik are already married in Dubai and merely host a reception in Hyderabad. According to media reports marriage was already solemnized at a private ceremony in Dubai. The Media reports have further stated that weeding card of Sania and Shoaib only mentions of reception date and there is no mention of nikaah.
According to some sources, the hotel in Hyderabad has been booked for reception and not for nikaah. Earlier, both families said that the wedding will take place on April 15. And either there is no reaction from Sania and Shoaib to the latest news and hence confirms them only to be speculation on the marriage to be held on April 15. Tennis star Sania Mirza could face more trouble before her April 15 marriage with embattled Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik as an advocate has filed a police complaint that her marriage would amount to treason. Srinivas Rao on Tuesday lodged a complaint with Banjara Hills police station and demanded that all awards and rewards given to her by the government of India be taken back.
Shoaib Malik in Hyderabad to clarify his stand on Ayesha controversy
In order to clarify his stand after the threat of legal action from the family of Ayesha Siddiqui, Shoaib made a surprise visit to Sania Mirza's house between reports that there marriage has been shifted to Dubai. He was seen on the balcony of the tennis star's house engrossed in a telephonic conversation with some one where as at the background Sania was seen engrossed with her mother in an animated discussion with each other. Many a time's discussion appeared to be heated and tense.
His visit to Hyderabad is of great relevance with perspective to threat by Ayesha's parents that they would file an FIR against him if he went ahead with the marriage without divorcing their daughter. There was no idea about sudden visit of Shoaib but there is a news in Pakistani media that venue of the marriage has been shifted to Dubai due to Shoaib's family's reluctance of coming to India in background of threat issued by Shiv Sena against this marriage.
Shoania' T shirts are now in fashion in Lahore
Farisa Siddiqui, mother of Ayesha Siddiqui who is alleged to be the first wife of Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik who is going to marry with Indian Tennis Star, Sania Mirza is a broken lady now. In a media statement she said, "I can't take this. People are asking me how is Ayesha. You tell me, how could she be at this time? Woh kis haal se guzar rahi hai is waqt, main dekh rahi hoon I know what she's going through at this tim
On the reaction to Malik's family threat to see them in court she told, ""He (Shoaib) married and abandoned our daughter and did not even give a divorce. We had threatened to sue them, and now they are turning around and daring us? What wrong have we done to get caught up in a controversy? We only asked for justice." She termed Shoaib's marriage to be their family matter and stated that she merely cares about condition of her daughter.
However, seen in Pakistan is taking different scenario as the new buzz word in Pakistan is 'Shoania' that is combination of Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza. Shoania T-shirts have flooded the fashion streets of Lahore and Karachi. A Pakistani newspaper coined the word and stated that couple liked it. B'town couple Saif and Kareena has been called Saifeena for long. After Pakistan Tennis Federation chief Dilawar Abbas's remarks "Sania should now play for Pakistan", Shiv Sena workers went on offensive and burnt effigies of the tennis star in Mumbai.
Opinions varying on Sania's marriage with Shoaib Malik
The announcement made by Sonia Mirza to have wedlock with Pakistani cricket player Shoaib Malik has generated a mixed up of reactions and comments along from the both sides of border. The Shiv Sena that is known for their anti Pakistan philosophy has expressed there reservation on Mirza's playing for India despite being married to a Pakistani player. "If Sania marries a Pakistani, she will have to adopt Pakistani nationality. In such a scenario, how can she play for India? She should go to Pakistan and live there peacefully," Sena leader Sanjay Raut said.
Pakistan Tennis Federationchief Dilawar Abbas went ahead and expressed his view of letting Sania to play for Pakistan he said, "Asian women traditionally follow their husbands which is why I'm hopeful that someday she would be inspired by Shoaib to play for Pakistan," he further added that Mirza could encourage and help Pakistani girls to take up tennis and let them to become a world class tennis player.
In a letter written to the All India Tennis Association on Thursday, Sania's family confirmed that she would continue to play for India after marriage. She even would be part of the Indian team for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi in October, XVI Asian Games in China in November, 2011 Fed Cup in February next year and the Olympics in London in July-August 2012. On this scenario, Pakistan Cricket Board Chief Ijaz Butt said, "I am sure the marriage will regulate not only sporting relations but also help the people to come closer to each other and improve government to government level relations."

Shoaib to face bouncer from Ayesha Siddiqui, his first wife
Things are not looking as simpler and easy for Sania Mirza's cricketing fiancée Shoaib Malik who already is facing one year ban for his disappointing role and performance in the recently held Australian tour. In an another disturbing news alleged Ayesha Siddiqui, who claims to be Shoaib Malik's first wife has put Shoaib in disturbing situation.
Ayesha's father, Mohammed Ahmed Siddiqui has threatened to sue Shoaib if he does not divorce his daughter. "I want divorce for my daughter. According to Islamic law, my daughter cannot remarry if she doesn't have the divorce paper," as he told to media.
The Siddiqui family is in a state of shock listening to the reports of remarriage of Shoaib and Sania in April. Mohammed Siddiqui said that in February 2008 Shoaib married his daughter in June through a telephonic nikah after having an online affair. But, Shoaib told it merely to be a marriage and postponed it because of some problem occurred between the families.
According to the resources, Ayesha met Shoaib in a Dubai restaurant in 2001 along with her friend, Maha. While Ayesha is a little plump, Maha was pretty and Shoaib fell for her. On returning to Hyderabad, Ayesha, posing as Maha, started chatting with Shoaib. In such a manner Ayesha fell in love with the cricketer and convinced her parents to contact his parents and arrange for a telephonic nikah. Presently Ayesha is working as a school teacher in Dubai and when she sent out her pick to Shoaib he break all relations with her and told that Siddiquis duped him.
Sania Mirza engaged to former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik
This time Sania Mirza is finally getting married to former Pakistani cricket captain Shoaib Malik on April 15 and 16, respectively, in Lahore, Pakistan. Her earlier engagement with business man from Hyderabad, Sohrab Mirza could not materialize as at the last moment Sania refused to marry Sohrab due to personal reasons.
According to a close friend of Sania’s father Imran Mirza says, “As of now it’s April 15, both for the engagement and marriage. However, the date can be postponed by 24 hours since April 16 is Jumma Friday will all depend on the Maulavi’s recommendations.”
According to reports the marriage would occur at the engagement at Pearl Continental Hotel at ShahrahAzam area in Lahore however Malik family is also in conversation with Avari Hotel located in the same area. Sania’s parents and relatives will be flown down in a special craft and will be put up at both the hotels. As couple is informally engaged the formal rituals will take place in Lahore. There is reason for being hurry in marriage is urgency of Malik to go back to cricket. He is already facing a one year ban on him forced by Pakistan Cricket Board without specifying any reason. After marriage Sania will fly down to Hyderabad and pose for media before moving either to Mauritius or Seychelles for her honeymoon.
Sania Mirza Won Her First Grand Slam Title
The dream of winning a Grand Slam title for Sania became a reality when she won mixed doubles final of Australian open on February 1, 2009. She along with his partner India’s Mahesh Bhupathi defeated Frenchwoman Nathalie Dechy and Israel’s Andy Ram 6-3, 6-1 at Melbourne Park on Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne. This was Mahesh and Sania’s maiden mixed double title.
Sania Mirza ranks 31
The Indian tennis sensation has reached to the best of her career rankings so far. She has managed to secure 31st WTA rank for herself. Sania’s rank picked up because of her good performance in the Bank of West Classic at Stanford. Shahar Pe’er and Sania Mirza won the doubles title after defeating Anna Chakvetadze and Victoria Azarenka on Sunday night. Pe’er has lately won the back to back doubles titles at Stanford.
Sania couldn’t win the singles final and was easily defeated by the top seed Anna Chakdetadze of Russia. However there is a good news for both the girls. Anna has reached at number 6 position whereas Sania Mirza, the Indian tennis sensation has acquired 31st ranking in WTA. The 20 year old Sania jumped four places after making her third final appearance at Stanford, that she had attained 2 years ago in October.
Sania enters the second round of French Open
Sania Mirza, the Indian Tennis Queen has entered into the second round of the French Open by having a proud victory over italina Alberta Brianti with 6-1, 6-1 on Wednesday.
Sania played wonderfully and her performance was much better that before. She had only one double fault in response to Brianti’s three. Sania also had 21 unforced errors and hit six winners in comparison to the Italian who had 26 unforced errors and four winners.
Now in the second round Sania will be confronted with the seventh seed Serbian Anna Ivanovic who had defeated the Swedish Sofia Arvidsson with a 6-2, 6-0 score. So let’s see that how good the gorgeous Indian girl does does in her upcoming games. All the best Sania!
Sania in finals of Morocco Open
The ace Indian tennis player Sania Mirza has made it to the finals of the Morocco Open with her team mate Vania. Sania is not far off from winning her first WTA title this year. She with her American partner Vania King were handed a walkover by Sequera and Pin who were unwell and that enables them enter the doubles final at the Morocco Open in Fes. The top seeded Sania- Vania pair will take on second seeds Andreea Ehrit-Vanc Romania and Anastasia Rodionova Russia the final.
Sania Mirza soars high in Morocco
Sania Mirza has become the first Indian to be seeded as number one in the WTA event after she was given top billing in both the singles and doubles competitions of the $145,000 Morocco Open starting on May 21, 2007, Monday.
Sania who was off the courts for quite sometime due to her knee injury has now returned to the court in the Tier IV event and will take on a qualifier who is not yet decided. In the doubles competition, the 20 year old Sania will team up with the American Vania King and the two good players will take on to the unseeded Russian- Ukranian pair of Alla Kudyavatseva and Olga Savchuk in the opening round of the clay-court event.
Sania Mirza is back
The Indian tennis icon, the young and sensational Sania Mirza is back on the court. Sania had a knee injury due to which she had to abstain from tennis for a while. But now the good news for the Indian tennis and Sania’s fans is that she has recovered from her ligament injury and will be back to action within two and a half moths at the WTA Tour event at Morocco. The winning amount of the tournament is USD 145,000.
The Hyderabadi girl believes that clay is an ideal platform for her to make a come back after the ligament injury she got while playing in Qatar Open in Doha in February. Sania told the media “Clay is the best surface for me to start playing again after the injury. That is what my trainer, Health Matthews also feels.” Sania added “…injuries are part and parcel of every sportsperson’s life.”
Sprite bhujae Sania ki Pyas
The young and enthusiastic face of Indian tennis, Sania Mirza launched an exciting “Out of Home” campaign in Kolkata for Sprite cold drink on May 3, 2007. Sprite, a well known beverage brand on India, is supposedly the favorite of Sania.
The purpose of campaign is to make Sprite popular among the young and the old. It is said that the beverage company plans to put up the customized creatives in various outdoor locations across Kolkata such as roadside, movie theaters, malls, other young hangout areas.
The teen sensation Sania Mirza on the occasion said ““I am delighted to be in Kolkata for the launch of the Out-of-Home campaign for Sprite. It is a brand which is known for its go-getting youthful attitude combined with a straightforward tongue-in-cheek humor. All these are qualities, I closely identify with. I am certain that this latest initiative will connect with today’s youth, who have all realized that they simply need to work hard to achieve their desired goals instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen.”
Sania Mirza returns to game
The ace tennis player of India, the tennis sensation, Sania Mirza is back on court now. From last few months Sania played no matches and was out of action due to her injury and surgery on the right knee. During that period her WTA ranking slipped to 49. But there is something to cheer now for all the tennis aficionados as Sania is back and hope that she is back with a bang. Sania is completely fit now and is preparing herself for the forthcoming Grand Slams in the season.
48th for Sania
After the disgusting World Cup performance by the Indian team there is another bad news for the Indians on the sports front! While the latest WTA rankings which been issued today 9th April, 2007, brought smiles on the Russian and Belgian faces, they provided another cause of concern for the Indian sports lovers as the girl who was holding the Indian flag high in the Tennis world, Sania Mirza, the Indian Tennis Star, has slipped down to the 48th rank from the previous week’s 38th rank in the WTA singles list. This journey, from her career best 31st to 48th can be attributed to the knee injury which is pestering her since the past one month and because of which she has been forced out of action for such a long and critical period of time. Thus, it is now to be seen that whether Sania will be able to regain her career best position after recovering from her knee injury, or will the Indian fans be satisfied with a 48.
Sania Mirza to take rest for some time
The young and daring girl who represents the face of Indian tennis, the goddess who has set a paradigm for numerous Indian girls, Sania Mirza is recently in news becuae of her injury. The ace tennis player is ruled out of action for sometime because of the surgery that she will undergo on her right knee. The 20 year old sweet and charming damsel who is currently played at the 46th number in the WTA ranking sufferd the injury during the first round of her victory over Italy’s Romina Oprandi in the Qatar Open on 26th February 2007. Sania has now to participate in the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells next week. One of the doctors of the hospital where the heartthrob of millions of Indians is undergoing a treatment said that "She suffered a stretched anterior cruciate ligament injury in the right knee, which needs intense rehabilitation programme for at least four weeks”.
Sania Mirza all the way
The ace tennis player Sania Mirza recently told the media persons that all her success and glory should be accredited to her father, Mr. Imran Mirza. The little girl who has set and also brolken several records on the off the tennis grounds shares a wonderful and intimate relationship with her father. She holds him to be her all time mentor. According to her it is her father who has played the most effective role in her finding her place under the sun. The 20 year old Indian tennis sensation told Indiatimes that "My dad has always been the super coach. I mean, he has always been around since I was a kid and I think he understands me, obviously on a personal level. He is my father, we get along great, he's very easy going. That helps a lot because he is very relaxed after a match, before a match. He takes tennis only as a sport and I think that's important. He does not think that this is it. It is part of life. I think we both understand that's what makes the relationship work," she was quoted as saying by The Age.
Sania, who is playing the Australian Open here, said she had no plans to hire a coach as everything was going fine for her at the moment. "I always say 'never fix what's not broken'. When I have a bad patch, or if I do, then maybe we can work on getting a coach," she said.
Sania said along with the tremendous support of her family, the encouragement and love of tennis fans in India served as a huge inspiration to do well. "It's a great feeling when people come up and say “I picked up a tennis racquet because of you and because of what you've done”. "You need a role model to look up to, I guess. When you look at someone doing it from your own country, from your own city, you start believing that you can do it too," she said.
Sania ranked 10th in list of all-time tennis beauties
Sania is once again in the spotlight, this time in the ongoing Asian games at Doha where she is now the sole medal hope for Indian tennis after the dismal performance of the men. Sania will team up with Shikha Uberoi in the finals of the women’s team event against the girls from Taipei.
The ever positive Sania has stated that she is playing the best tennis of her life; some would doubt the claim. In 2006, she has rarely gone beyond the 2nd round in most tournaments that she entered. In a nation with an unhealthy obsession with her ATP rankings, this has led to an increased pressure on her. She has responded to it with her typical sauciness and some performance as well. From a high of 32, her rankings have now come to 66.
There is some cheer for her though. The Chinese media, the official Xinhua agency no less, has ranked Sania 10th in their all-time list of most beautiful tennis stars. The list is headed by Argentine sultry hottie Gabriela Sabatini who had the misfortune to play in the Steffi era. The complete list in order reads like Gabriela Sabatini, Chris Evert, Steffi Graf, Anna Kournikova, Martina Hingis, Daniela Hantuchova, Mary Pierce, Maria Sharapova, Justine Henin-Hardenne and Sania Mirza. is fan site of the Indian tennis sensation, Sania Mirza. This website is dedicated to all her fans in search of all the information about her. is full of pictures and information about Sania. The news feature and results page would keep you coming back for more. Moreover, this fan site also has a discussion forum where all the Mirza fans can interact and discuss about their favorite tennis player. We wish you an enjoyable time at the best unofficial fan site of Sania Mirza, the Indian Tennis Goddess!!ania Mirza, the teenage sensation from Hyderabad has shot to fame and success in a very short time. This player from India currently stands at the 31st position in the WT 8th august 2007In February 2005, she became the first Indian woman to win a WTA singles title defeating Alyona Bondarenko of Ukraine in the Hyderabad Open Finals. Sania Mirza has been honoured with the Arjuna award by the Indian government for the year 2004. The 18-year-old tennis player hit to fame when she competed with Serena Williams in the third round of the Australian Open, in which she went down fighting. Sania is the sports icon of South Asia and has a large fan following. She became the brand ambassador of Lotto Sports Italia, the sports apparel and footwear company, and will also launch a signature line series. Besides wearing bold clothes, Sania is a devout Muslim and follows her religion closely.
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